Giving Back

Serving Our Community

As a local small business, we are proud to support the community that supports our company. That means providing good jobs, contributing to local charities, and serving on the boards of organizations that provide important services for our area. We also work hard to encourage the responsible sale and consumption of the products we distribute.

Supporting Local Charities

Through event sponsorships and direct contributions, LaGrange Grocery supports over 50 local charitable organizations each year. We support worthy causes in health care, education, disaster relief, law enforcement, the environment, the arts, religious organizations, civic organizations, and the US Military.

Getting Involved

In addition to providing financial support, we also donate our time and expertise by serving on boards of Chattahoochee Hospice, Twin Cedars Youth and Family Services, and LaGrange Academy. Our employees organize the annual Chattahoochee Hospice Pro Am Golf Tournament, which raises over $30,000 for indigent hospice care. We also put our energy into Twin Cedars “Behind the Mask”, which raises over $30,000  to support a variety of local services including CASA, Child Advocacy Centers, Community Mental Health, Second Chance Homes, Foster Care, and specialized residential care for traumatized youth.




Advocating for Responsibility

Anheuser-Busch and its wholesalers lead the American beer industry in advocating for the responsible sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Beginning in 1982 with “Know When to Say When”, we have implemented a variety of programs to address Underage Drinking, Drunk Driving, and Responsible Drinking. We bring speakers to local schools, provide driver’s license booklets, distribute We ID Materials, and provide safe rides home. In the past 25 years, we have spent around $500,000 promoting responsibility.


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